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Epic long form effort. I will try watching another episode some day.

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Feb 4, 2021Liked by Andrew Liptak

Awesome article!

It is great to get insights from the first moments of this amazing universe

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Great article, as always! Reading the story of how something you love is made is always fascinating. (I think I read this article back in the day, but my ADD brain forgot half the details.)

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Thanks for the comprehensive coverage of The Expanse! I became enthused all over again and I even plan to check out the non-Expanse book, Honor Among Thieves.

Also, I thank you for letting me know how many seasons of the show there will be so I can be prepared in my disappointment when it does end.


aka DinkyDeb in reviews

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Excellent story of how the world came about...I wonder what play by post forum the game was on?

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