This was a joy to read. Because of the joy in the writing!

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Dec 12, 2020Liked by Andrew Liptak

Andrew, I came across this on Michael Stackpole's twitter and I very much had the same experience as you when I came across the Rogue Squadron series. I remember reading the first book and going back to Border's or Barnes & Noble with my mom and they didn't have Wedge's Gamble! I didn't want to wait or know what to do so I just bought Krytos Trap and Bacta War and skipped Wedge's Gamble because I was so caught up in the story! Imagine my surprise when in Krytos Trap the New Republic is on Coruscant! When I finished the series I had to read it over and over again because there was nothing else like it in The Star Wars universe. Military science fiction with very little of the Jedi Saga. Outstanding!

Then the Wraith Squadron series comes out and the character development and story telling in that was just top notch. Wedge writing that letter to Admiral Ackbar about his niece still tugs at the heartstrings! Anyways just wanted to respond to his great article as a fellow X-Wing series fan!

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