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- I also made inhuman noises at that name-drop, but it was a whole episode full of them, and the noise I made when Ahsoka flipped her lightsaber around to backhand it (after I had literally just finished grumping that she was fighting much too conventionally) might have been even louder.

- I can't help but think that Talon Karrde & Mara Jade would be a GREAT fit for the world of the Mandalorian. Mara Jade has to be the biggest EU character that hasn't been worked back in at this point, right, after the Solo kids who have been retconned out of existence?

- I am, like, the only person on the planet who is actually grumpy that Boba Fett is back. I don't get the fascination with the character, even after the deeper backstory we got in The Clone Wars.

- How is Black Sun? I've been eager to read it.

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Great issue Andrew, lots of good stuff in there. I appreciate your efforts to deliver a quality newsletter.

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