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It would be interesting to hear/think a little bit about truly iconic book covers, too! I think of Michael Whelan's work on Anne McCaffrey's books, or Jody Lee's long association with Mercedes Lackey. There's also a semi-recent bit about re-packaging the Pern books using bad stock art - there was a tweet somewhere that ID'd the outline on one as the Shrek dragon. SA Chakraborty's Daevabad books feel in that tradition of truly lavish cover illustrations and paintings.

There are also certain series that I try to buy within the same edition because they have the covers I remember and associate with the characters, and of course covers that deliberately erase the characters or plot inside - putting white faces when the key characters are POC, for example.

Anyway, lots to think about!

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I've always enjoyed the photography for the header in your pieces. It definitely highlights the beauty of the physical book in ways that people don't see on their eReader in 2020. I've seen the approach of having a drink (like tea or coffee) near the book and I'm not sure why it works, but it does!

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