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We worked through Clone Wars this summer and were glad of it when this season of Mandalorian started back up. There were some real clunkers in there (anything with droids) but overall it contributed so much to the main story arc. The last handful of episodes in particular were as good as any of the live action big screen movies. We're watching Rebels now.

Favorite book of the year - released this year - has to Empire of Gold. It was a genuine pleasure to watch S.A. Chakraborty stick the landing after such a dense and ambitious debut trilogy. Sarah J. Maas's House of Earth & Blood is a runner-up; though it was not nearly as technically proficient, it was just wildly enjoyable, as all her books are. Just compulsively readable, hits the precise sweet spot of what I want from my lighter/new adult fantasy.

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Been loving your takes on all things Star Wars. "A season of backdoor pilots" captures my own occasional misgivings about Mando S2, though I liked an awful lot of it, too.

Thanks for the great posts. Cheers!

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