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"Interestingly, Trump’s statements are “Presidential Messages” and not “Proclamations” (as Obama’s are), and thus aren’t in the Federal Register, which is a weird, pedantic distinction, and I wonder why that’s the case."

Lots to unpack in the rest of your newsletter as well (I have a whole book about Seuss's political cartoons in all their complications if you ever want to borrow it), I wonder if this is related to the Trump administration's ongoing attempts to avoid materials going into the National Archives. Similar to not taking full notes on calls with foreign leaders, the reports that Trump would tear up all of his papers into tiny pieces and archivists were taping them back together, etc. (I so wish I were making that last one up: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/06/10/trump-papers-filing-system-635164)

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Thanks-that was a nice write-up about Tran. I had no idea about her backstory. Yes...Raya has been teasing us to watch it ;)

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