Dec 8, 2020Liked by Andrew Liptak

I remember that event at Bear Pond! And I'm in the photo, and all I can think is how short my pre-quarantine hair was, ouch.

We published a book this summer and did quite well with online-only events, though about half of the additional events we had lined up for the authors' book tour were canceled, not even held online. Some of them were for small orgs that didn't have the capacity to go online. Some of the bookstore events we might have expected to book never materialized. Our book has sold well but we don't have any good apples-to-apples comparisons because all of our books are so different.

I would actually counter that I do think book club meetings will go back in person just fine. I enjoy doing my Bear Pond one online but I know we're all eager to be back in the space. I almost always bought a book or two at those meetings - and now of course do not, because there's no post-meeting browsing.

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